Sunday, 25 February 2018

Yakitori Jin - Haberfield, Sydney

There's a hidden gem of a Japanese restaurant in Haberfield and it goes by the name of Yakitori Jin. As you can tell by the name, it specialises in yakitori, chicken skewers grilled over hot charcoal. 

You'll find almost every cut of chicken there is, innards and all. 

Homemade gyoza

The homemade gyoza are juicy, perfectly pan fried and served with a zesty dipping sauce.

Chicken heart

This was my first time trying chicken heart, and it actually was tastier than I expected it to be. The texture is quite interesting with a spongy consistency. 

Mixed yakitori

This plate was off the specials menu and included a prawn skewer, wagyu skewer and a cherry tomato and camembert skewer. This also came with some chicken skewers (not pictured). It was a good way to taste a variety of the yakitori,

Meatball tsukune with egg

This is my must order dish at any yakitori place; I love the chicken meatball especially when it comes with a slow cooked egg that you can use as a dipping sauce. 

Yakionigiri with Jin soup

The Jin soup is a salty chicken broth and comes with meat balls. The most satisfying part of this dish is breaking up the wonderfully crispy rice ball and dunking it into the soup. 

As you can see the restaurant itself is tiny with a handful of seats so bookings are definitely recommended. I rocked up with a friend on a weeknight about an hour and a half before the closing time hence why we had the place to ourselves.

Highly recommended for an authentic yakitori experience. The staff are absolutely lovely and the space is set up with a bar area where you can watch the chef in action.

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Three Blue Ducks - Rosebery, Sydney

Three Blue Ducks in Rosebery is housed in the industrial space where Kitchen by Mike used to be located. The light filled and spacious warehouse is shared with Koskela, a modern furniture and homewares shop. There's a lovely open kitchen where you can watch all the meal preparation in action.

Watermelon and lychee virgin mojito

I order a thirst quenching watermelon and lychee virgin mojito on this particularly hot and humid Sydney summer day. It's so hot that the ice melts pretty much instantly, which made the drink a bit watery, but in this heat it wasn't a bad thing.

The menu is a simple one featuring wholesome food and fresh local produce. 

Fried buttermilk chicken wings

The chicken wings come out piping out from the fryer and are served with a fermented chilli sauce. The light batter is well seasoned and adds a nice crunch. 

Wood roasted veggies

The wood roasted pumpkin, sweet potato carrot and  cauliflower are accompanied by a smoky baba ganoush and dukkah.

Twice cooked sticky chicken

The sticky chicken was my favourite dish, with juicy pieces of marinated chicken served with an asian twist. The salad of cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, cashew, red onion and coriander had a nice zest to it with a nam jim dressing.

Verdict? It was a great meal in a lovely space - Three Blue Ducks definitely fills the hole left by Kitchen By Mike. 

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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

JC & Co - Strathfield, Sydney

JC & Co is a new café in Strathfield that specialises in mille crepé cakes. Opened by husband and wife duo Cindy and Jeff Lee, hence the name, the café is hidden away in a small side street away from the activity of the main streets.

During my visit, there's a couple of flavours of the mille crepé cakes on offer, such as taro, rainbow and black sesame. JC & Co also serve The Grounds coffee and a range of tea and juices.

JC's Passion Punch & taro mille crepé

On this particular hot and humid day, I order the refreshing JC's Passion Punch with watermelon, passionfruit, apple, lime and elderflower which goes down a treat.

The mille crepés are all $10 each slice and it's a huge portion. The crepés are perfectly even with taro buttercream sandwiched between each layer; the cake itself is nicely balanced, not too sweet.

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Monday, 29 January 2018

Stanton & Co - Rosebery, Sydney

Stanton and Co is a modern Australian restaurant located in the refurbished warehouse of The Cannery in Rosebery. It's an expansive venue with an open kitchen, dining room and bar area. It's the perfect space for a group Christmas get together. 

It's slightly inconvenient to get here by public transport from the CBD after work, but there's plenty of parking so it's great for those who are driving.


There's a substantial cocktail list at Stanton and Co; I order the Tomozaki which is a homage to the traditional Tommy's margarita with El Jimador Blanco tequila, Shichimi rum, Agave Sec and sparkling yuzu. Unfortunately the cocktail is on the watery side and subsequently I don't taste much  of the yuzu.

As we are dining in a group, we opt for the Sunset menu which is perfect as it takes the decision making out of the equation and we get a taste of a variety of dishes. All the dishes are brought out to share.


The edamame with miso butter and konbu was a fantastic starter to have with drinks, and was very addictive. 

Tempura kale with avocado

I really enjoyed this dish, the tempura kale had a lovely and light batter and it was like eating crisps. This was one of my favourites - simple but executed well, plus kale is generally one of my favourite veggies to cook at home.

Beef carpaccio

The thin slices of beef carpaccio are served alongside daikon and smoked garlic horseradish.

Cheese onion gyoza with mustard vinegar

This was another crowd pleaser; who doesn't love cheese and dumplings? It sounds a bit strange/fusion gone wrong but these were so good. We definitely would have welcomed a few more servings of these.


The spatchcock was well cooked and juicy and also came out with some truffle mash and charred cos side dishes which are not pictured here. 

For $60 per person, it's a decent value set menu for group dining. The service was attentive and friendly and the food was good. 
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Friday, 26 January 2018

Cha Bei - Galaxy Macau

Cha Bei is a adorable café housed inside the Promenade shops at Galaxy Casino complex in Macau. The restaurant is beautifully decorated with floral artwork and elaborate cakes on display.

It's also relatively quiet during a weekday lunch which is a nice escape from the hustle and bustle outside. The eye catching restaurant is bright and spacious and doubles as a retail shop with trinkets, chocolates, teas and flowers for sale. The decor is pretty, whimsical and spring-like with pastel green and pink everywhere.

There's plenty to explore whilst you wait for your food as well; gorgeous cakes in the front window display and a very Insta-grammable swing perched in front of a stunning floral wall. 

Lovely bird and floral cake on display

Exterior wall of Cha Bei

Cha Bei interior

One of the many cakes on display

Floral cake

Buttercream floral cake

Individual cakes

There's also a huge range of individual cakes in the display cabinet. I take a mental note to order one of the sea salt cheese cakes with the pretty buttercream flowers later.

Lobster bisque with crispy rice

One thing I do love about Cha Bei is that the menu has quite a range of light and healthier options - perfect for when you've overindulged on holidays. The main portions are on the smaller side. 

The lobster bisque has pieces of Boston lobster, Shimeji mushroom, choy sum and golden rice. The bisque itself is quite flavoursome and the crispy rice adds a nice crunch to the dish.

Cha Bei salad

The Cha Bei is a light option with seasonal leaves, tangy green mango and quinoa. The toasted almonds and coconut dressing add some punch to the salad.

Pink Lady lychee mint iced tea

Healthy Verde blend

The green smoothie blend of avocado, coconut water, basil, ground flaxseed and Himalayan salt is quite light and a bit too watery for my liking. The iced tea on the other hand is lovely - it's fruity and refreshing.

Onto the desserts, as I mentioned earlier, there's a range of pretty individual cakes on offer in the cake cabinet, as well as a number of desserts on the menu.

Sea salt cheesecake

Signature Cha Bei soufflé

Sesame latte and pink latte

As with the rest of the menu, the desserts are lovely and light. The sea salt cheesecake is nice and creamy, with a crunchy biscuit base and a hint of sea salt. The cloud-like soufflé comes out piping out with some vanilla anglaise on the side.

Cha Bei is a gorgeous spot to spend an afternoon having lunch. They also offer afternoon tea with a range of savouries and petit fours that also look amazing; I'm definitely going to try next time I'm in Macau. 

Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Two Chaps - Marrickville, Sydney

Two Chaps is a superb café in the heart of Marrickville, where on any given weekend day you'll be sure to spot a queue out the door. The menu is produce-driven, with a focus on making everything in-house, the menu also happens to be vegetarian.


The coffee at Two Chaps is roasted nearby at The Blind coffee roasters. Two Chaps are also famous for their delicious sticky chai tea which I've tried numerous times at many market stall pop-ups.

Fried rice bowl

A relatively simple dish that lets the ingredients shine; the fried rice bowl is a stir fry of biodynamic brown rice with chilli, ginger, soy, chinese cabbage and kale, served with two fried eggs and fermented hot sauce. I enjoyed this dish and it left me inspired to create my own version at home.

 Chipotle kidney bean burger

The burger is served on a charcoal brioche bun, with cheese, pickled red onion, guacamole, chiltomate and coriander seed aioli. The kidney bean patty is hearty and flavoursome, a good option for vegetarians to get a hit of protein. There's also crisp potato skins and the salad of the day on the side.

 All the pastries and bread at Two Chaps is made on premises, so you definitely need to leave room for something sweet. There's an array of baked treats on offer near the counter at the entrance, including tarts, doughnuts, finger buns and cookies. 

Pistachio doughnut

Corn cookie

The doughnut is delightfully fluffy and filled with a generous amount of custard. The corn cookie contained actual pieces of corn and was quite chewy; it also got a bit too sugary sweet for me in the end - the doughnut was definitely the winner.

Two Chaps is also open two nights a week, on Thursdays and Fridays, with an amazing sounding pasta menu on offer which I'm so very keen to try.

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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Azuki - Enmore, Sydney

Azuki is a new Japanese bakery that has opened up along Enmore Road, replacing a previous Japanese bakery Bake Kobo. 

There's a handful of seats inside this delightful hole in the wall café, with a couple of outdoor seats as well. As soon as you walk in, you're greeted by a counter full of pastries and cakes, as well as a range of savoury items and bread at at back. Azuki also sell a range of hot drinks like coffee and matcha latte. 

I found the prices to be quite reasonable as well - most of the sweet items were around the $5-6 mark.

Kare pan

The kare pan is deliciously crisp on the outside with just the right amount of curry filling inside.

Yaki soba pan and wasabi sausage roll

The yaki soba is a carb lover's dream with fried noodles packed conveniently into a bun. I love the wasabi spiked sausage roll with it's flaky and buttery pastry.


Black sesame tiramisu

Chocolate Mont Blanc

Yuzu cheesecake

My favourite out of all the cakes I tried was the black sesame tiramisu, a fluffy and light cake packed full of black sesame flavour. The mont blanc was chocolate flavoured, disappointingly with no chestnut in it whatsoever. The yuzu cheese was lovely and light, however I couldn't taste any yuzu. 

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